The Effect of Low Interest Rates on Life Insurers

Edwin Si
over 2 years agoApril 2, 2020
Very compelling explanation. Really impressed with LOMA's education methodology and tools of illustration. Hope that this can help more people in the life insurance industry for their deeper understanding and insight of the business.
Elvis Hong
over 2 years agoApril 2, 2020
During the period of financial turmoil,  there are far more policyholders select termination or loan of in-force policies, which have substantial cash value to pay for immediate debts or family expenses. This situation will help insurance companies to lower its liabilities, and be reflected as increase of profit end of financial year. Therefore, insurance stocks are one good option of preserving wealth too.
Edwin Si
over 2 years agoApril 2, 2020
A new observation, very unique angel of insight.
Jeff Hasty
over 2 years agoApril 14, 2020
Earning the FLMI or just taking an individual course is the best way to prepare for a successful career in the life insurance industry!
Jeff Hasty, FLMI, ACS
Very informative and easy to understanf
over 2 years agoAugust 25, 2020
Very informative and easy to understand
Kelly Barrett
about 2 years agoNovember 19, 2020
Very interesting and informative.
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